Social And
Environmental Impact

We believe in better ways to do business. Our world is facing many environmental and social issues. We have the responsibility to find solutions to leave a better world for future generations. At Nordet & Co, we want to be more than a service provider, we want to be actors of change in the business world. Nordet & Co is here to help you make a difference.

Protection And Commitment To The Planet

We continuously work to improve our methods and encourage our clients to adopt business strategies that take into account their environmental impact. We have developed strategy, design and marketing services, that contribute to the ecological transition.

Health And Well-Being At Work

Our Advantages

  • Yuterus Days
  • Wellness days (mental health)
  • Flexible hours
  • Possibility of telecommuting (post-pandemic)
  • Fun social activities
  • Menstrual products provided in the office

We believe that work should be a human environment, stimulant and flexible. To make this vision a reality, we work with our teams to create actions that improve well-being and mental health at work. We also raise awareness and share advice so that our clients can also implement measures to promote the well-being of their employees.

Equity, Diversity And Inclusion

The diversity of each one makes the richness of all.

Diversity is the beauty of our world and at Nordet & Co, we believe it is an asset! Our creative strength is the result of the diversity of profiles within our teams. Thus, in our work and with our clients, we promote diversity, ensure respect for equity in the workplace and encourage inclusive attitudes and approaches.

Our Next Challenges

B Corp Certification

To meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, legal accountability and public transparency, we are currently in the process of obtaining a B Corp certification.

New Service Offers Focused On Ecology And Human Well-Being

To become a major player in the ecological transition and well-being at work, we want to create services dedicated to these themes to support companies wishing to have a positive social and environmental impact.